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Play Plazma Burst 2

More side-scrolling action is headed your way with the new and improved sequel to Plazma Burst. Introducing Plazma Burst 2, where the popular title has now received incredible upgrades that you surely will enjoy! You are back as the alien who saved his home planet from the first instalment and now, more dismemberment and gore is waiting for you when you play Plazma Burst 2! Like the first version, this game is also free to play and guaranteed to provide you with hours of shooting fun!



Now why should you start playing this game even if you have no idea what the first one was about? You shouldn’t worry because this game has nothing to do with the first one at all. As far as you are concerned, you got dropped off in this robotic alien planet and you need to hack, shoot and detonate your way to the very end! The game play is very engaging and the graphics are so stunning that you won’t be able to get up from your seat until you finish Plazma Burst 2! You will be able to use a lot of weapons that can be acquired from enemies as well as power-ups that give you that extra power to make more kills. A game that surely you should not miss out on!