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Plazma Burst 2 Hacked

Plazma Burst 2 Hacked: The Easier Form of a Challenging Game

Plazma Burst 2, without any hacks or cheats, is very hard game to get through. It’s very challenging, and is quite unforgiving. For new players, and even some veterans, the difficulty can be jarring, and is often off putting towards the experience. So it was only natural that some gamers online with tone down the difficulty, by helping people out through a little bit of bonuses. While it may seem a bit unfair, the fact here is that the game can be quite difficult so why not give yourself a bit of an edge in the hard fought world in Plazma Burst 2 Hacked?


Probably the first advantage that you may notice in the hacked version of Plasma burst is that you have a lot more money to use for the equipment shop. That means you won’t stock the starter melee weapons, as well as the starter pistol for very long. In some versions, you even have unlimited cash to spend on all the weapons you need. That means nothing in the shop is out of bounds, and everything is truly for sale. This will really give you the upper hand, because a lot of the enemies start off with really awesome gear. On top of that, if you’ve ever been denied good gear because of low income, you can instead access the tools you really want, like the Ray Gun, and the Lite Railgun, both of which come at a hefty price.


The second part that makes the hack even more fun is that all levels are unlocked from the get go. You won’t have to waste your shiny new equipment on just the basic enemies, and you can just jump to your most favored levels. From level 1 all the way to level 22, you can breeze through battles you really hated. Of course, a lot of the vets won’t want to rehash through the first few levels after losing save information, so this is really handy in that respect.


Lastly, for the people who don’t want to stick out through the challenge, there is also the option to turn on God Mode in single player. This makes the marine invulnerable to everything that hits him. As the name would imply, there is no way to kill the character after that. Of course, once this mode is turned on, the game gets exponentially boring, and the challenge is lost. So if you feel that God Mode is a bit much, you can always turn it off by typing in God 0.


While Plazma Burst 2 hacked is a little unfair, and debases the game experience, it is a good place for beginners to get a feel for the game. Once they have more confidence, they can always jump back to the vanilla game, which has no enhancements installed on it. For those that have been playing this game, but just happened to lose their save files, the hacked version presents an alternative to restarting from scratch. In the end, it is still a good game either way, and it’s a definite must play for those that love side scrolling shooters.